Upload Your Seller's Permit

Registration is open only to RE-SELLERS who are active in the Jewelry Trade ONLY (Jewelry Retailers, Wholesalers, and Designers or otherwise affiliated with the jewelry industry). IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE FOREGOING, your registration will be DELETED. We are not open to the public and do not sell to personal buyers.

Please provide a COPY of either a Seller’s Permit** or Resale License. We require a paper copy (not just the number) of your permit/license on file with us, before we approve this registration and sell to you at wholesale prices. We reserve the right to request additional documentation if deemed necessary and also has the right to refuse registration to anybody.

You can choose any of the following options:

* Upload your Seller’s Permit during Registration
* Fax a copy to (213) 623-3449
* Send via email to

Information and documentation provided will be reviewed and VERIFIED before an account is approved.

When approved, orders can be placed online, with the MINIMUM INITIAL order of US$200.

** A Seller’s Permit is also called a Resale ID, Wholesale ID, Rental ID, Reseller’s License, State Sales Tax ID, Tax ID, Resale Number, Resale Certificate, or Vendor’s License.